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Reverberation Percussion was formed in February of 2016 originally by Elman Mecid, Fanis Gioles and Yang-Hung Huang, all colleagues at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg at the time. Later, in 2018 French percussionist Juliette Serrié joined the ensemble. Throughout the years the ensemble has evolved into a leading figure in Hamburg's music scene, by performing in several festivals like Klub Katarakt, Forum Wiedereröfnung, Kiel Percussion Days among others. The ensemble collaborated with the NDR Chor in 2018 for the CD recording 'Schnittke Requiem' with pieces for Chor, Piano and Percussion ensemble under the button of Klaas Stok.​

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Elman was Born in Ankara 1996. He comes from a family of musicians. Elman is  percussionist. Playing in worldwide known festivals, concerts. collaborating with acclaimed artists and conductors.
He performed as soloist with the Bilkent Symphony, Presidential Symphony, Eskişehir Anadolu Symphony, Azerbaijan State Symphony and Plovdiv Symphony orchestras, Landes Jugend Orchester Hessen.
Elman Mecid has won numerous awards, including the first prize at the Pendim International Percussion Competition, Nutcracker International Young Talents Competition, the first and third prizes in two different branches at the Giornate della Percussione international competition, second prize at the Perkulliria , the first prize and the jury’s special prize at the Marimba Festiva International Competition (Nürnberg, Germany, 2012); the first prize  of Bamberg Marimba Festiva International Competititon; concert prize, the Sonderpreis des Bayerischen Rundfunks; the special Marimba One Exellency Award
Elman is continuing his journey with Reverberation Trio, HPE Ensemble and solo career while making his master’s in HfMT Hamburg.

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Juliette Serrié is a French percussionist. She grew up in Reunion Island, where she began her classical percussion studies. At the age of 15, she left for mainland France to become a professional percussionist. She studied for five years in Monaco in the class of Christian Hamouy, where the world of contemporary music broadened her perspectives. She also participated in several master classes with Paul Mindy, a specialist in Brazilian percussion, thus nourishing her growing interest in traditional music. During her years in Monaco, she participated in several cultural events such as Le Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo (2014) and La Nuit Blanche de Monaco (2016). In 2017, she performed as a soloist with the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra the double concerto for vibraphone and marimba by Emmanuel Séjourné. In 2018, she joined Cornelia Monske's class at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg, where she started a Bachelor of Music, in order to continue her musical education in Germany. Her passion for interaction led her to explore the combination of musical styles. In the process of her personal and professional development, the intersection of disciplines such as music, dance and theatre has emerged as a working perspective.

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Fanis Gioles is a sound artist, performer and percussionist born in Athens, Greece. He studied physics and experimental percussion, worlds that ended up combined after a long journey through mathematical logic, relativity, quantum physics, baroque aesthetics, complexity, musique concrète and electronic music. He has been highly active in the fields of improvisation, music theater, sound based installations and performance, he is one of the founders and artistic directors of the contemporary music ensemble ‘Volans’ and the multidisciplinary collective '_.mootpoint'. His works has been presented in many places in and outside Europe. His way of practice varies from self-made instruments to multichannel soundscapes and noise improvisation. He has been highly influenced by C. Monske (discipline), K. Theodorakos(aesthetics), M.Stahnke(ethics) and T. Adachi(limits). As a percussion player Fanis has been performing regularly in many Festivals as soloist and chamber musician, like Lux Aeterna, Reeperbahn Festival, Darmstadt Festival for New Music, Klangspuren Schwaz, San Marino International Festival, Athens and Epidaurus Festival. He has recorded with NDR, Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra, Hamburger Symphoniker, HfMT Hamburg Orchestra and collaborated with Ensemble Modern, IEMA, KNM Berlin, Hamburgisches Stadtsoper, Hamburger Camerata among others. Since 2017 Fanis has been expanding his skills to the fields of sound art, sound design and sound based compositions

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